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A, B, C. Take a card. X, Y, Z. Cut these up into separate cards. Is he thin? Demonstration Demonstrate by playing the game with the whole class. Divide the students into pairs, but only give them one set of cards. Ask them to lay these out on the table.

12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners

Tell the students you saw three men robbing a house. The students are police officers. You are going to describe the men to them. If they choose the wrong one, give them more information.

Get them to take the picture and put it to one side on the desk. Repeat with the third picture if necessary, then give out the second set of cards to the Bs and ask them to take three. Get them to continue in pairs. Classroom language Here are some pictures. Spread them out on the desk. Last night, I saw three men robbing a house. That man is ugly. This man is handsome. Which picture? Take the picture.

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Put it over here. Put it over here, next to the first picture, like this. Now you go on. Here are the pictures for you.

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Ask questions and find the three men. B will only work if you have a multinational class! How to use the game - Give out a copy of the questionnaire to every student make sure they know the recognition Vocabulary as well as the colours. The rules are: 1. Get eight different colours. Demonstration Demonstrate how to do this by writing up a questionnaire on the board. Ask questions to different students, making it clear that a different name and a different colour must appear in each box.

Classroom language Here is a questionnaire. Ask the questions, like this. Stand up. Ask questions. Write the answers on the paper, like this. You must have eight different names here. You must have eight different colours here. OK, everyone? Off you go! They should get answers from three different nationalities. Are they round? Topic area size and shape Essential vocabulary round, square, big, small, thick, thin, long, short, tall Materials and preparation Mentally divide your class into groups of three or four.

Copy and cut up two sets of pictures for each group. How to use the game - Divide your class into groups of three or four and seat them round a table. Demonstration Demonstrate by playing a round With the whole class. Divide the class into groups and give out one set of cards only. Ask them to spread them out on the table and look at them. Take a card yourself and hold it so you can see it but the class cannot. When they think they know what it is, get them to pick up the matching card from the table and hold it up.

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Spread them out on the table. Is it small? Is it round? You go on. Yes, it is!