Guide Behind with the Laundry and Living Off Chocolate: Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women

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Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it. Fortunatelly for me, it was cought before it went that far. Right now I go in therapy for it. Instinctively I want to run home and close the door behind me, but I love working too much. During therapy it came up that I might be a HSP. I think because of this knowledge and with her help it will be easier for me to find balance in life.

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Is there a difference between a HSP and an introvert? If an extrovert can be an HSP, and a HSP is easily overstimulated, then wouldn't that extrovert really be an introvert? Is it the emotional tension that overstimulates the HSP, as opposed to the external stimulation? I'm curious because I'm unsure if I'm an introvert or an extrovert. I'm easily overwhelmed by chaotic situations, and I'm highly sensitive. I'm more extraverted when I'm in a good mood, and more introverted when I'm overwhelmed.

When I'm in a calm setting I tend to be loud and spontaneous if I have a friend with me , but my energy level can change depending on the environment. An example would be being outside on a windy or cold day, which drains me. I thought I was going crazy when I noticed that too much light overwhelms me, even natural lighting.

30 Irish women you need to know

I thought that I was taking the whole introvert-overstimulation thing overboard. This might explain why I feel better during the nightime. I laughed when I read your tip on getting things done in off hours because I've always tried to avoid any situation that could be chaotic.

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I have never really tried to rationalize my avoidance of chaotic situations, and I never tried to understand why I behaved like this, it just seems to happen automatically. I even park at the back of parking lots to avoid having to deal with congestion near the front. Thanks so much for your comment, I can relate to much that you wrote. Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD has done some interesting work that you can find on his PT blog about how seemingly extraverted people such as rock stars are often actually introverted HSP's.

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HSP goes into a whole other range of responses that pertain to the entire sensory environment. As I think you alluded to, a percentage of HSPs are actually true extraverts, despite being sensorily sensitive. It's actually kind of fun to be HSP once you figure out what helps you feel balanced, I love shopping in off hours and get real enjoyment from it instead of it being a stress. Who knew, I actually love to shop! Have you ever heard of High Sensation Seeker? That might explain your extroversion. But at the same time, you are an introvert.

And that's because you are a Highly Sensitive Person too. You might entertain the term for being both an extrovert and an introvert: Ambivert. After listening a few minutes, I realized that it was actually me that could relate to nearly every point. I hate noise, busy places, and avoid big cities where possible. I love walking in nature, have a weird love of hills and mountains and take on other peoples issues very easily.

For example, a work colleague is going through chemo and explaining some of the things he was experiencing - inside my heart was racing, feeling my eyes filling up and just wanting to help. That happens all the time. To say I'm struggling at the moment is an understatement, with my family living on the other side of the world for the past 9 months, and me stuck in a concrete box, otherwise known as an apartment, where I can hear everything - driving me crazy.

I will look into taking some supplements as well. Thanks for the points you mentioned. They are very helpful, and I can combine my EFT knowledge with the points you mentioned. Thanks to you for sharing as well - as someone who has lived in more noisy concrete boxes than I'd ever care to repeat, get the noise-cancelling headphones. They will change your life! If you can wear headphones, there are some models on the market that are fitted into a pair of heavy duty ear defenders. I believe some companies make them for unusual applications such as for air plane pilots and helicopter pilots.

Others make cheap versions for builders with a radio and aux input built in so you can plug your mp3 player, TV, hifi, mac into etc. Not sure if you will be able to sleep with them on.

How to Cope with Painful and Annoying Tinnitus Symptoms

Perhaps someone should invent a sound proof sleep helmet that is designed to be non-obtrusive, and comfortable enough to sleep with it on. I thoroughly enjoy reading the columns on Psychology Today, in particular the columns on being a Highly Sensitive Person. Music, art and films can affect me very deeply too. I last got rather choked up listening to Philip Glass' Sataygraha at work the other day.

Tsk, wake up and pay attention!

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What I find though is that instead of feeling stressed or anxious, I tend to get annoyed and irritable, coupled with a burning desire to get out and off to somewhere a bit nicer. I have all of the symptoms of HSP and more. If I get the PTSD symptoms and triggers under control, then my tolerance for noise and stimulation is much higher.

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I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have my history of childhood trauma and resulting PTSD, I'd still be an introvert but wouldn't be so damned sensitive to noise and stimulation. You make a great point, as did Anonymous in the first post. If someone's "HSP" symptoms are extreme and causing extreme distress or incapacity, or severely affecting relationships or other key areas of life, it's a very good idea to go see a professional to discuss what's going on and make sure there isn't some other diagnosis to account for it.

It's fairly easy for me to self-diagnose as I've had plenty of counselling and coaching over the years I love it and seek it out, actually and am personally a medical and mental health professional. PTSD is also characterized by other symptoms such as extremely high level anxiety severely on edge, constantly , flashbacks and nightmares regarding previous traumatic experiences, etc. In that sense the two are quite distinguishable, though I can definitely see that someone struggling with an anxiety disorder who is made more anxious by caffeine etc.

Holy cow - I just realized something! Was a total DUH! I thought that was definitely weird, but, I've always been weird, so I guessed that is just what happened. But no, my HSP traits are what make me think I'm an introvert. I'm really still an extrovert. And I can look back at childhood and see some of those HSP traits even then.

It all makes sense now. Even though I ran across Dr. Aron a few years ago and immediately realized I was, in fact, HSP. Funny that it took me so long to see. Glad to see that you posted here, I always enjoy hearing from you on Twitter :. I find it fascinating that your HSP traits made you an introverted extravert Seems there are a lot of us out there, some very interesting research could be done here. Might I suggest another way of looking at what has been expressed as a "simultanious" trait?