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  4. The Emotional Force of Swearwords and Taboo Words in the Speech of Multilinguals
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Apr 19, Brian added it. Interdisciplinary mish mash. Loved it when it was lucid. Jonathan Clay rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Alen rated it really liked it Feb 12, Manoj rated it really liked it Sep 03, Simone Rinzler rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Amanda rated it really liked it Sep 27, Kaouthar Bencheikh rated it really liked it Jun 26, Foppe added it Aug 08, Inna marked it as to-read Jan 22, Vito marked it as to-read Feb 27, UK marked it as to-read Feb 04, Ahmed Shamim marked it as to-read Mar 12, Mehdi marked it as to-read Nov 08, Abdelbaset marked it as to-read Sep 20, Ana Tecar marked it as to-read May 22, Jeana Moodwhy marked it as to-read Aug 26, Ala' marked it as to-read Feb 12, Amirhossssein marked it as to-read Nov 30, Zvr added it May 16, Karlo Mikhail marked it as to-read Aug 18, Zahra--Avid Reader marked it as to-read Sep 15, Louis police opted to employ a passive response to Occupy St.

Louis activists. Then, as journalist Brad Hicks reports , when the police finally showed up:. They politely woke everybody up.

They politely helped everybody who was willing to remove their property from the park to do so. They then asked, out of the 75 to people down there, how many people were volunteering for being-arrested duty? Given 33 hours to think about it, and 10 hours to sweat it over, only 27 volunteered. The rest were advised to please continue to protest, over there on the sidewalk … and what happened next was the most absolutely brilliant piece of crowd control policing I have heard of in my entire lifetime.

They stood shoulder to shoulder. They kept calm and silent. They positioned the weapons on their belts out of sight. They crossed their hands low in front of them, in exactly the least provocative posture known to man. And they peacefully, silently, respectfully occupied the plaza, using exactly the same non-violent resistance techniques that the protesters themselves had been trained in.

Language Inflicts Suffering

This is great proof that police can do it the old fashioned way — using their brains and common sense instead of tanks, SWAT teams, and pepper spray — and have better results. Police will not voluntarily give up their gadgets and war toys and combat tactics, however.

Their training and inclination towards authoritarianism has become too ingrained. If we are to have any hope of dismantling the police state, change must start locally, community by community.

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Citizens will have to demand that police de-escalate and de-militarize. Remember, they are supposed to work for us. As Justice William O. Douglas advised in his dissent in Colten v. This emphasis on nonviolence goes both ways. Somehow, the government keeps overlooking this important element in the equation. There is nothing safe or secure or free about exercising your rights with a rifle pointed at you.



Then again, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People , if we just cower before government agents and meekly obey, we may find ourselves following in the footsteps of those nations that eventually fell to tyranny. The alternative involves standing up and speaking truth to power. Jesus Christ walked that road. Indeed, had Christ merely complied with the Roman police state, there would have been no crucifixion and no Christian religion. Had Martin Luther King Jr.

And if the founding fathers had marched in lockstep with royal decrees, there would have been no American Revolution. We must adopt a different mindset and follow a different path if we are to alter the outcome of these interactions with police. The American dream was built on the idea that no one is above the law, that our rights are inalienable and cannot be taken away, and that our government and its appointed agents exist to serve us.

John W. Fearless Muckraking Since Douglas, dissenting, Colten v. Kentucky , U. There can be no free speech for the citizenry when the government speaks in a language of force.

The Emotional Force of Swearwords and Taboo Words in the Speech of Multilinguals

What is this language of force? This is not the language of freedom. This is not even the language of law and order. This is the language of force. To be clear, this is the treatment being meted out to protesters across the political spectrum. The police state does not discriminate. The government wants a reason to crack down and lock down and bring in its biggest guns. They want us divided. They want us to turn on one another. They want us powerless in the face of their artillery and armed forces.

They want us silent, servile and compliant. You know what else is unfortunate? This is not the attitude of someone who understands, let alone respects, free speech.

Language & Locale — Nextcloud 15 Administration Manual 15 documentation

Indeed, this is martial law masquerading as law and order. There are other, far better models to follow. Either we live in a constitutional republic or a police state.

AIR FORCE JOB Q&A -Cryptologic Language Analyst (1A8X1)

We have rights. The Constitution does not require Americans to be servile or even civil to government officials. Neither does the Constitution require obedience although it does insist on nonviolence. Compliance is no guarantee of safety. It may be that things are too far gone to save, but still we must try.

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